Portraits in Öl aus meiner Hand.
Z.T. im Besitz des Künstlers.
© 2022, Florian Teichmann
about my portrait painting and etude

"Heute ein Maler zu sein, bedeutet mit dem Verlust einer großen Tradition
umgehen zu muessen." *1

Beeing a painter today, means you have to deal with the loss of a big tradition.

What you see here at portrait and etude site is plain, solid painting, very less art. That´s nothing bad, ist just the truth.its simple good
sovereign creating, its not art. It is classic oilpainting. The reproduction of nature. it's a finger exercise. Its good, as you can see. Classic craftsmanship as artists have done for a long certain period in between.

Real art, more aptly expressed free art, can being evoked in any way of acting, creating or even thinking. It becomes a part of the artwork if you are able to let it happen. You have to know how to let it happen. You need a nonpolar mindset. If you can be aware of realising real art during the process of creating, then you can force, use and steer these process. If you want something straight or unipolar you destroy the upcoming of real art; art in my way of understanding the mysterium of processing out of the unknown. It happens everywhere at anytime. It happened in ancient times and it will be possible for further ages. It happens in small portions, like when you see a peace of art craftmanship and think, this could have been art.

In my way of doing my job at the canvas (see opus-florian-teichmann), wich i consider a way of coming near to my understanding of art, i try to implement my knowledge of how to do real art sometimes more sometimes less. Because i am not free at all in my mind. it is a difficult way of acting. It needs concentration of everything and nothing, of being "open" and ready while creating, while moving the arm, the pencil, while looking at the picture. I use impulses of the classic mythology, the archive of great masterpieces. I am full of habits of seeing forms, architecture, people, faces etc. I have to bring all of these influences, all of my memory in one level to reach free art.

A short text for a never ending process of trying.

*1 nach Gerhard Richter
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